Wednesday, July 06, 2005


its been a while since i last visited this blog .. the last entry was wrote on nov 09, 2004.. mmm 8 mths is quite sumtime.. "wut took u so long to come back!!!!" .. haha got no time in the office to write.. where else do i have internet connection... n why am i starting to write again... just because i dun wan to miss any interesting part of my life and i need to keep it somewhere...

last nite me n K went to PJ Hilton.. there is a new band playing there .. not a bad group but not good enough comparing to headwind (headwind is the residence artist (betul ke nih haha belasah laa..) playing at PJ Hilton last month.. and also their former singer is zainal alam kadir.. no laa.. zainal abidin PUTERI..) now this group (TAKE 5 i think) is the band playing for this month.. D called me at 12am and forced me to come.. nasib baik ada K .. i'm not going to such places alone ;) but the interesting part for me last night was when they played dangdut... mak aii the singer buat gelek gerudi... gerekk seyyy... and she went to one the man at this table and 'gelek atas tangan mamat tu'.. on the table.. mmg iman bergoyang dgn kuat semalam haha... even D's friend danced with the singer.. nasib baik aku keje esoknya.. takleh gedik2 hehe.. went back at 1.30am.. end of story..

had lunch with KJ and the rest of Abapers... to celebrate KJ's bday.. went to KFC near UM.. quite nice and spacious.. during lunch sessi menganyam ketupat pun dilaksanakan haha.. kutuk mr.R.. there is no need to tell u guys about mr.R.. kay..

the time now is 7.30.. at 8.30 sharp i must be at home.. aaa tau takpe.. got this weird fever going on hehe... nasiblaa nak buat camne.. layankan je laa...

oppss.. b4 i go.. got this one last story to tell.. i was stopped by a police car in UM after the lunch... wahhh... pak guard UM ada patrol car.. demm... siap bagi highlight and nyalakan siren... must be his ambition when he was a kid to be a policeman driving a patrol car.. takyah laa bersungguh2 pakcik nak tahan saya.. kalau saya tak berhenti pun pakcik nak kejar sampai mana..sampai menara..? maybe he thought that im a UM student yg melanggar traffic light.. and another strange thing.. dalam UM ada traffic light.. cess... mana nak perasan...

ayiem just called me.. just arrived from australia.. he is one of my best buddy back in uniten.. set to meet him tomorrow... ok guys... time is almost 8..


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