Saturday, October 30, 2004

A New Baby is Born

Hii.. Assalamualaikum..

Today will be marked as one of my greatest achievements in life.... writing a blog. It took me lots of guts to start this one. So what should i write on my new born baby..? hmmmmm

There are two reasons why im here.. to improve my english and to write about me, about my life and about what is happening all around me.. there should be a proper way to keep track of it rite..

My english sucks when i entered 'U'.. dunno y but i got a 'D' for my first sem paper, which contradicts with my 'A2' SPM result .. As u read on, i think u will know y my lecturer is so right about me haha... but i think im slightly better than our cik 'SITI' .. for those who understand :)

Last nite, me and my friends went to midvalley for a 'buka puasa' session at San Francisco Steak House.. it was nice but a little bit expensive.. i'm quite disappointed with some of my friends who refused to come just because of the price.. do ppl really need to be that calculative to be with ur friends whom u rarely meet.. and as they said, its their money !! who am i to against their will power .. eventually all these changes occured right after they caught up with their bf/gf .. too bad, they forgot all those splendid moments they spent with their friends .. for them TWO is life

Then, we move on to Yow Chuan Plaza.. yes.. wut else.. its karaoke time.. i am badly addicted to this although i dont sing well.. i just feel so good while singing.. it is the satisfaction that can't never be found elsewhere.. Then there's a friend of mine claiming that he's the best for the nite by saying 'camnilah taik karaoke'.. even a 'taik' couldnt stand its taik title .. haha no offense.. I think that he'll will be my hot seat throughout my blog.. after this lets just refer him by his title 'No. 1'.

I think I have to stop now.. not a bad start huh :) i need a sleep so badly.. till then .. chiow